About Audrey Monroe

A slice of Heaven

I'm made up of sugar, spice, a little magic and everything nice.. or naughty depending on the mood. I love exploring new places, delicious foods, and art-worthy museums while making beautiful connections along the way. I'm the type of woman who will people watch for hours and I love to smile at everyone I meet.

I have trained extensively in mindfulness, tantra, yoga, and somatic therapies. I've taught in corporations and at retreat centers. Highly educated, I have clients from high priestesses to celebrities.. My mission is to bring more joy, presence, medicine and magic to the lucky souls that come across my path. I'm here for change. I'm here for growth. I'm here for influential healing. My clients come to me for deep love.. and I'm happy to serve with my whole presence. 

I trust my body and always feel a sense of belonging because I've from Bali to Bangkok, and all over the US - to only be me with opportunities to serve as a woman in love. I've worked with CEO's to Celebrities, housewives to high priestesses, all so that they can relax and learn more about who they truly are.

You are amazing, delightful, worthy, and magic. Let's blast through whatever is in your way of remembering that! 

(can you tell I'm also enthusiastic, giggly, and a little alternative?)


Originally from Chicago and now living in Los Angeles, I never lost my Midwest heart of gold. I am the girl you see wearing a pretty sundress seemingly floating down the street. Playfulness fills the air when I laugh, and my eyes are big, cinnamon brown pools of authenticity. I'm the real deal and I'm here to enjoy life with you. Whether we are taking a walk on the wild side, or connecting through the perfection of a simple moment together, I'm excited to follow the flow of desire into the highest vibration of pleasure.


I have a dynamic personality. Like nature, I'm wild, fragrant, and beautiful. 

I value Beauty, Truth, and Love. I find the most pleasure in dance, writing, yoga, quantum physics, and living the good life! I support multiple organizations that are making change in the world and I'm well educated to boot. A curious soul, I truly care about the people in my life.. including you. I thrive off of deep connections and creating memories that last a life time. 


Let's create an adventure together to check off your most fantastic bucket list. Or perhaps we simply wander through a city, enjoy the energy of a new dance class in each others arms, feed each other chocolates by the Eiffel tower, or take a stroll through an art museum.


Whatever the activity we engage in my sultry beauty, radiant personality, and captivating presence is sure to enrich and enchant you. 

I have been a body enthusiast for as long as I can remember, so my compelling companionship will surely leave you feeling confident, celebrated, and dripping in sensuous delight.

So excited to bask in the magic of this moment with you. See you soon.

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