Because every woman loves a gentleman

Advanced booking is appreciated and will be given priority scheduling. I prefer to be contacted by email. Sounds cliche, but only the serious need apply. I take my life seriously and so should you. Our time together is a gift. Treat it as much and both of us will have memories to savor. Explicit messages will be discarded and we will no longer communicate. We can have fun, but once you're black listed - the party is over forever.

My considerations for my time and my screening requirements are both non-negotiable. If you aren’t comfortable with my rates or screening methods I ask you save both of us the time and energy by contacting a different companion with whom you are more compatible.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with my deposit and cancellation policies on my reservations page, please and thank you! 

What happens with us privately will remain between us and I can assure you that you will not be disappointed with our time spent together.

 The donation for our arrangement should be in an envelope and either left on my altar or left in clear view for me to see upon my arrival. It would be an uncomfortable faux pas to make me ask for it.

Upon arrival, kindly produce your ID for my inspection. This sets the tone for trust and allows me to relax with ease and enjoy our time together.​

My preferred method of payment for my time is cash or venmo. However I'm able to take credit card with a 20% additional fee. Please let me know in advance if you will be using this method so I can give you the correct adjusted total payment.

There is nothing sexier than a well groomed friend. I provide a variety of hygiene products as well as a hot, luxurious shower to ensure you are ready for our meeting.

If you would like to extend our time together, please compensate accordingly. I do not enjoy having to encourage your departure.

No gratuities are ever expected, but are always appreciated! If you would like to surprise me with a gift then please feel free to ask or get inspiration from my wishlist!

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